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ranch stall

Time:2019-02-12 14:45:22

Ranch Series Barn Stall Fronts

Our Ranch Series stalls use the same panel construction used on the interior panels of our barns, which make them Kick-ProofChew-Proof and have 0% Fire Spread Rating. Using these steel laminated plywood core panels nearly eliminates any injuries your horse might encounter by splintering a conventional stall panel. Plus, you can simply use a hose on the equine stall to clean it. An easy to clean stall reduces the risk of disease to your horse and the time you spend on cleaning.

Ranch series stall fronts come standard galvanized with your choice of standard wall colors. Powder coating and wood fronts are available upgrade options.
ranch barn stall front

  • Pony shoe feed door latch
  • Chain hasp stall door lock
  • Horizontal 3 Rail
  • Standard front is painted steel